• Hi, I'm Keith Mascarenhas

  • I like building things.

About me!

I'm currently working as a Software Developer at Akamai Technologies.

My major fields of interest include Statistics, Machine Learning and Web Application Development.


I've spent almost a year interning at two companies and I've been programming in various languages for 6 years. Some of the skills I've gotten pretty good at are..



Been programming in Python for 3 years now and it's grown to be my favorite tool-belt to hack away at a weekend project

Machine Learning


The Machine Learning course I took as part of my Masters has been one I've thoroughly enjoyed and I'm currently working on more ML-based projects and taking a MapReduce course.

Web Development


Built 4 Rails websites and written 60,000+ lines of code for a Django web-app besides several other Joomla and HTML sites.

"One more thing..."

Well more than one actually.. I'm pretty good at a lot of other things and my LinkedIn profile does a good job of highlighting all of that.

Move fast and break things!

Mark Zuckerberg


I'm passionate about building useful applications that makes lives easier and more productive

Here are some of the things I've built..

Fantasy Premier League Assistant

August 2013 to Present

A Rails app that scrapes the Fantasy League site and uses a multi-dimensional knapsack to pick the optimal team. Also uses Machine Learning algorithms to predict player performances so as to pick a better team.

Soccer Match Result Prediction using Machine Learning

January 2013 to April 2013

Tested multiple learning algorithms utilizing Weka and wrote a Python program that implemented AdaBoost to predict Soccer results with 67% accuracy for a 3 class problem and elicited interesting discoveries in the report.

Meta Search Engine in Python

January 2012 to April 2012

Constructed a meta search engine from ground up, that parsed 3000+ documents, stemmed & stopped 170,000 words and combined 5 variations of retrieval systems and then implemented a PageRank algorithm.

Check out all my other projects with detailed descriptions on my LinkedIn profile and GitHub

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


Work Experience

Here's where I've worked at..

Akamai Technologies


Software Tools Developer

May 2013 – August 2013 (4 months) | Greater Boston Area

  • Ramped up on Rails in two weeks and ported parts of a Perl-based, build-and-release-tracking application to Rails following Test Driven Development principles.
  • Evaluated and tested integrating a Rails 3 application with JIRA's REST API using OAuth, SSO and PubCookie.
  • Rapidly prototyped a Rails 3 app that generated reports of Issues on JIRA utilizing Twitter Bootstrap.

Entrepreneurial Finance Lab.


Full Stack Developer

May 2012 – May 2013 (1 year 1 month) | Greater Boston Area

  • Primary full stack developer with full ownership over Django based web-app serving 30 financial institutions across 25 countries. Ramped up on Django and got to first code-complete release in 2 weeks.
  • Django WebApp: Architected and developed 20+ enhancements for WebApp amounting to about 60,000 lines of code, displaying proficiency in Django, jQuery and utilizing MySQL, Google Maps API, jQGrid, jQuery-UI, CSS, AJAX, REST.
  • Git Migration: Headed process and implemented changes to migrate 6 person dev-team from Subversion to Git by independently researching Git for team workflow process. Also served as subject matter expert for the same.
  • Caching: Optimized caching framework for Django app using Memcache and Database session-caches consequently reducing page load times by 50%.
  • System Administration: Performed Linux/Apache/Git/AWS administration for Django hosting & deployment.

Freelance work


January 2008 – Present (5 years 9 months)

  • Fantasy Premier League Assistant - http://www.fplassistant.com/ . Developed an application in Rails that scrapes the Fantasy Premier League website for player details and then creates a grid which enables FPL managers to pick better teams.
  • Developed 4 websites using Rails 3, RefineryCMS along with Twitter Bootstrap and deployed to Heroku
  • Structured, designed, developed and maintained the 4 Websites using Joomla
  • Developed a Chrome Extension to search all bookmarked webpages using Google Custom Search after parsing your Chrome Bookmarks

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